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Practices funded by local ICS’s have the chance to contact us directly to explore how we can customise our solutions for your local population. 

Recent ICS budget constraints have prompted a shift in financial responsibilities for GP practice services. This transition has affected some of the ICS’s we collaborate with, including the funding of our Patient Check-in and Patient Calling services.  

Whilst this could mean an increase in direct costs for your practice, we can help you manage any potential increases and ensure you are maximising the value you receive from our solutions.  

Practice costs may now include purchasing new hardware or the payment of your annual software licence. Without the licence, we may be forced to switch off services, affecting the practice operations. 

Steps to take now 

If you have multiple Jayex solutions within your practice which have been funded by your local ICS, contact our sales team below so that we can discuss all your options with you. 

If you have one Jayex solution within your practice which has been funded by your local ICS, find out if you are maximising the value you receive from our solutions. 

If multiple practices in your PCN, cluster or federation have Jayex solutions or are looking for patient flow solutions, we can also explore group pricing options for PCN’s, clusters and federations to alleviate costs for individual practices. 

What does Jayex offer? 

Jayex Connect Patient Check-in and Patient Calling solutions are Windows 11 ready, reliable and remotely accessible. We use our unrivalled Lenovo 8GB I3 media players which enhance speed and overall performance. 

Customers with both solutions will also be able to use QView, our unique patient queuing system (see attached), included in the package.  Get in touch now. 

Booking a meeting with a member of our sales team below. 

Jonathan – Book a meeting or call (0)75 9003 8743 if you’re based in Scotland or the North of England

Mike Book a meeting or call (0)73 9969 1409 if you’re based in Wales or the South of England

Join us for a webinar on Weds 22nd May 

Join Jonathan French (Strategic BDM), Jan Donnelly (Sales Director) and Michael Wong (new Commercial Director) as they provide further insight into the Jayex Connect product and find out why basic check-in and patient calling services are no longer enough.  

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