Patient Engagement Platform

Access all the tools you need to improve the patient experience from a single patient engagement platform.

Modern healthcare demands patient services that are digital, easy-to-use, and engaging. Made up of 5 modules, each targeted at a specific aspect of patient management, Jayex Connect delivers all of this in one neat package.


Regain control over time-consuming arrival processes with our patient self-check-in module.

  • Cut waiting times and the burden on staff with self-check-in
  • Keep patient records up to date easily with data collection on check-in
  • Overcome accessibility barriers with the module’s translation tool

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jayex digital signage patient call


Revitalise your waiting room with digital displays. Deliver clear healthcare messages, improve patient flow, and enhance the patient experience.

  • Trigger patient calls straight from your clinical management system
  • Display videos, news and weather RSS feeds, and your own custom healthcare messaging
  • Customise to your organisation with your choice of screen options

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Provide a complete information hub by adding practice opening times, flu vaccine clinic details, key NHS updates & more to your patient check-in or on a standalone check-in screen.

  • Reduce digital health inequalities
  • Increase health literacy
  • Provide instant access to information
  • Increase use of local services

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Create and share targeted healthcare campaigns with ease. 

  • Broaden the reach of your healthcare campaigns with SMS and email messaging
  • Evaluate the success of your patient communications with analytics and reporting functions
  • Target specific segments of your patient list with tailored campaigns

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Design and publish custom patient questionnaires with our easy to use toolkit. 

  • Create custom surveys in a few simple steps
  • Schedule surveys to suit you and create seasonal or time-limited campaigns
  • Stay one step ahead of patient satisfaction trends with in-built reporting

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Product Overview

Jayex Connect is fully compatible with EMIS Web, Vision Aeros, and TPP SystmOne.

Want to learn more about the key features and technical specifications of our patient engagement platform? Get a comprehensive breakdown in our product overview.

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