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We are aware of practice system issues in practices relating to the wider IT issues across the country. All Jayex systems are not directly affected and are fully operational.

As Welsh practices begin their move from Vision to EMIS, we want to make you aware of our free service that ensures a seamless transition with our expert help. 

Jayex can continue to support all patient check-in and patient calling needs, regardless of the clinical system you currently. With 40 years of experience in migrating practices to different clinical systems, we are here to support you through this change and provide options to future-proof your system. 

What steps do I need to take? 

  • If you are with Vision at present, please contact Jools Parris, and we can work with you in your timeframe to migrate your practice, free of charge. 
  • If you are due to move imminently, we can help you now and work with you through the process, free of charge. 

I’m with a different check-in supplier.

There are other patient check-in and patient calling solutions out there, but at Jayex, we understand simplicity and security is key. Our solutions are incredibly easy to manage from our secure, cloud-based platform. Unlike our competitors, our technology is fully optimised for Windows 11, ensuring you can future proof your practice. 

Our Connect Core package includes: 

  • Patient Calling: Display patient calls, healthcare content, and more on your calling screen 
  • Patient Check-In: Collect SNOMED patient data, up-to-date contact details and reduce reception queues 
  • Patient Communications: Reduce digital inequalities by providing access to Florey’s forms, eConsult forms and create your own survey. 
  • QView: Our latest tool allows checked-in patients to see their names on the patient calling screen, improving the overall patient experience and ensuring a smooth flow within the practice 

Our Connect Core package ensures you receive all future developments on the platform, keeping your practice at the cutting edge of patient care technology. 

I want to upgrade to the Jayex Connect Core package but I’m on Vision right now.

Call us now, and we can have you up and running with the latest Jayex offerings in just 2 weeks. We will prepare your practice for the migration to EMIS as and when needed, providing you with the best patient flow solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. 

We can also save you additional costs if your existing hardware can be used with our Connect platform. Jayex offers free site surveys if you require a change in or additional hardware in your practice. 

For unparalleled support, simply invaluable solutions and a team experienced in clinical system migrations, contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your practice during this transition period and beyond.

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