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We are aware of practice system issues in practices relating to the wider IT issues across the country. All Jayex systems are not directly affected and are fully operational.

With demand for face-to-face appointments continuing to rise, the impact of some ICB budgets reducing is adding to existing funding challenges. In particular, we’re aware some ICB’s aren’t centrally funding practice patient management systems they did previously, meaning practices and PCN’s now have that responsibility.

Balancing patient care, experience and satisfaction whilst optimising practice staff/system effectiveness and efficiency, is a difficult enough on its own, With no funding for additional staff, we understand the extra demands and pressure it places on all individuals and teams, particularly frontline staff dealing with patients, such as reception and practice management. 

Optimising budget spend, patient engagement and practice management with Jayex 

Jayex have several options available to balance demand with available budget, and options of monthly payment terms to make it even easier.

Even if you have used Jayex previously, you may not be familiar with our ‘cloud-based’ Jayex Connect patient check-in and patient calling solution, the only one of its type available in the UK. With remote updates and support, the package includes all the following: 

  • Patient form options: integrated at check-in including AccuRX Floreys/Patchs etc. 
  • Contact detail updates: allow patients to update their contact information easily 
  • Queue management: unique patient queue management with QView 
  • Messaging: SMS and email messaging capability (core SMS costs still apply) 
  • Key data dashboard: optimise budget ROI, plus deliver clear reporting and help with CQC, QOF and IIF control and compliance 

New to Jayex? We’ll work with your existing equipment where compatible, or propose our premium hardware and software if not. 

Our systems can potentially work with some of your existing equipment if fully functional, the necessary specification, quality and age. Alternatively, we will supply our premium grade hardware, 8GB I3 Lenovo Windows 11 enabled, with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. Our check-in screen options include ergonomic vertical touch screen kiosks which are comfortable for everyone to use, and space saving mounted touch screens, perfect for smaller practices. 

Let’s find the right solution for your needs and budget

Speak to us today to find a solution that fits your needs and budget demands, including monthly payment options. Click below to book a TEAMS meeting where we can demo of our system. Feel free also to email us questions at

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