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The Customer

Based in East London, NHS Newham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for the planning and commissioning of health services in one of London’s most ethnically diverse boroughs. The CCG’s goal is to work in partnership with the community and local health stakeholders to meet local health needs and deliver high-quality primary care services.

Newham CCG approached Jayex when Newham’s legacy LED patient calling and Information boards were due for retirement and procured the Jayex MediaCall digital signage system for all of the group’s 52 constituent practices.

The Challenge

  • Deliver a solution that meets the needs of the practices and the population of Newham.
  • Deliver engaging and educational health awareness media, creating a pleasant and relaxing waiting room for patients and visitors to the practices.
  • Enable content to be uploaded centrally by the CCG, while still giving practices the ability to display local messages targeted at their own patient population.
  • Improve patient engagement.
  • Create a modern and sustainable solution that would serve practices and the community for years to come.
  • Roll out the solution as quickly as possible.

The Solution

In March 2017, Newham CCG rolled out our Linux digital signage application across 52 practices. MediaCall delivers Newham’s practices a solution that not only provides a patient calling system, but also enables relevant health content, such as national or borough-wide health campaigns, to be uploaded centrally by the CCG. This while still giving practices the ability to display their own localised messages.

In addition to replicating the previous LED patient call function, ensuring no disruption to the Doctors workflow, the new solution allows co-located practices to share the waiting room screens and can display multiple calls or synchronised dynamic speech for improved accessibility and service delivery.

The Result

Since implementing the new digital signage, Newham CCG has seen a marked upturn in patient satisfaction. Palak Joshi, Senior Commissioning Manager explains, “Jayex’s solutions have proved to be worth their weight in gold; our patients are delighted with what we’ve done. Use of the application is now well embedded in the daily working practices of the CCG and we’re expecting the system to be sustainable for many, many years.”

Furthermore, using MediaCall has given everything needed to create engaging, relevant health content for waiting room digital displays. As Chris Riley, IT Project Manager for the group told us, “This new solution from Jayex has helped us move away from leaflets on the waiting room wall towards something much more proactive and productive. The ability to create our own content and target what we show and where, is proving invaluable for this winter’s vaccination campaigns.”

Finally, roll-out of MediaCall has helped to make healthcare in Newham more inclusive. Chris Riley explains the positive role of digital displays showing translated content, “We’re responsible for the healthcare in one of the UK’s most diverse boroughs, so the ability to digitally publish our translated healthcare messages has helped us ensure we’re connecting with the whole community. Likewise, digital displays have proved invaluable in providing deaf patients in our community with accessible healthcare messages.”