Jayex Technology Customer Support

Customer Support

Please ensure you have restarted your PC and used our help centre prior to contacting our support team.

Our dedicated support team will always endeavour to help you resolve your issue as soon as possible. We are available during the following hours, and can be contacted via telephone and email.

Days: Monday - Friday

Hours: 8:30am - 5pm

Email Address: support@jayex.com

Telephone: 020 8838 6222 Option 2

Help Centre

Many common queries can be resolved using our troubleshooting guides and user documentation, which are located in our Help Centre.

To resolve your query as swiftly as possible, please use these guides (help guides to common queries are available on the right) prior to contacting the support team.

Checking the system settings or restarting the application software may also troubleshoot your issue.

Remote Training

Need a refresher training session on how to use a Jayex solution?

Email the Jayex Operations team (operations@jayex.com) to arrange and attend our free remote training sessions.

Troubleshoot Common Issues

Jayex Arrive

  1. Arrive check-in screen is blank
  2. Arrive check-in screen is out of service

Jayex Display

  1. Display TV screen is blank
  2. Display TV screen is not audibly announcing patient’s names
  3. Display TV screen has no sound

Web Media

  1. Web Media TV screen is blank
  2. Web Media TV screen is not calling patients

LED Board

  1. LED board is not calling patients


  1. Enlighten check-in screen blank
  2. Enlighten check-in screen has a system boot error


Jayex Support Request


If you do not have a valid warranty or software licence, we will not be able to assist you until this is resolved. Ensure you have checked you have an existing, valid warranty and licence before contacting our support team.

Please contact our finance department on accounts@jayex.com to resolve any delayed payments or to find out if you have a valid warranty/licence.

Remote Access

If you require a Jayex support member to remotely access your computer to resolve a problem with a Jayex solution, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the ‘Click here for remote support’ button below and download the required file.

  3. When asked, click on the ‘run’ option.

  4. You will receive an ID and Password on screen once the download is complete and the application is running. Provide this to the support representative so they can gain remote access.


teamviewer example