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We wanted to speed up reception queues, administer questionnaires more easily, and provide answers to patients who asked about the services we provide in an efficient way. 

The check-in system has a user-friendly interface for patients and the Connect platform is easy software to use, as it is self-explanatory. 

We have 3 screens in our practice, so the screens are visible everywhere. This means we can display different things on screen, and it also saves time for clinicians. 

Problems with rebooting every couple of weeks but have a responsive support team 

More knowledge comes, with experience. If any scenarios occur, then we resolve it and gain more experience. (in reference to question on installation and training) 

We chose Jayex because of our previous relationship with them, the cost was reasonable as well as the payment terms. 

The system links well with EMIS although we’ve had previous issues with appointments. 

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