Jayex Display Patient Call Systems and Digital Signage

Create enriched patient experiences. Deliver healthcare messages with clarity, boost efficiency and transform the patient experience with Jayex Display, our patient call system.


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Key Features

Fully customisable content and playlists
Single or multiple call support
Stand-alone or centrally managed
Single or multiple screens
Integrated call forwarding
Content trend reporting
Extensive media library
Live news and weather RSS feeds
Cloud-based platform
Select livestreaming, radio & news support channels
Digital media screen available in range of sizes from 32" to 65"

Product Overview

Read our product overview for a comprehensive breakdown Jayex Displays key features and technical specifications.

led board

JAYEX D300 – Have our original patient calling board?

Our LED (view the D300 dot matrix brochure) patient call screen was designed to improve practice work flow and save time. The LED board was pioneering at the time as it was quick, reliable, and saved countless hours for practice staff.

It was so reliable that you may still have one in your practice. Whilst we know longer stock them, you can contact us for support (if you have a valid warranty) or contact our sales team to upgrade to Jayex Display.


Built for Patients

Jayex Display is designed with patient experience and communication in mind. Access a solution that delivers the best results for your organisation, whether that's a stand-alone unit or a network of digital displays.

From fast and efficient patient calling to broadcasting a wide range of customisable content, Jayex Display is much more than a digital signage system.

“We’re responsible for the healthcare in one of the UK’s most diverse boroughs, so the ability to digitally publish our translated healthcare messages has helped us ensure we’re connecting with the whole community.”

Chris Riley, IT Project Manager


Customise to Your Organisation

User choice is at the heart of Jayex Display. Choose from single or multiple screens, single or split-screen modes, and stand-alone or central management.

For busier organisations, you can set our patient calls and content to appear in simultaneously, avoiding delays and maximising campaign exposure.

Choose Your Content

Relevant communication is the cornerstone of a patient-centric service. Access an extensive library of videos and images, tailored to your organisation and audience.

From live TV, news and weather RSS feeds to your own custom healthcare messaging and playlists, Jayex Display gives you full control.

Enhance the Patient Experience

Keeping patients updated on waiting times is key to patient satisfaction and reducing wait related anxiety.

Display relevant and engaging content to ensure patients are always entertained & informed on the latest healthcare campaigns. Your waiting room need never be dull again.

Instant Patient Calling

Our technology allows staff call patients straight from their desktop or browser.

Remove the need for reception staff or doctors to leave their desks to call patients manually. Save staff time, cut patient waiting times and increase appointment times instantly, with a more efficient waiting room experience.

Transform Your Waiting Room

Bring clarity to your communications and make waiting room boredom a thing of the past with Jayex Display patient call systems and digital signage.

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